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Heidegger's "The Lack of the Holy Name"

I was reminded the other week of this little piece called "Der Fehl des Heiligen Namen"[The Lack of the Holy Name] by Heidegger.  I had seen it a number of times and never read it, although I was always intrigued by its title. I finally decided to delve in--but since there seemed to be no translation of it available online or in the library (perhaps I haven't looked hard enough), I thought I'd do the work myself. It's a rough translation, no doubt, as my German hasn't really left its infancy yet, but I hope it is sufficient to facilitate a thoughtful and genuine reading.

       By way of a preview, this work stands as another encounter, though a brief one this time, of Heidegger with Hölderlin, thinker and poet.  The title is taken from the sixth stanza of Hölderlin's poem "Homecoming."  In this work, Heidegger wants to learn what this poetically envisioned "lack" of a holy name means, which requires a way of thinking the lack…